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potc_shipfic's Journal

Not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails
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What a ship is ... what the Black Pearl really is ... is freedom.

This community is for fanfiction, fanart, and discussion about the ships in Pirates of the Caribbean.


General -

Be nice, respect the LJ TOS, and don't flame, troll or spam. You are welcome to cross-post as long as the content of the post is directly related to this community. Spoilers for Dead Man's Chest should go behind a cut, with a warning, until September 2006. Spoilers for PotC3 should continue to be cut and warned for after that.

Posting fanfiction and fanart/other images -

1. Stories, fanart, icons, etc. must be about the ships, including character/ship, ship/ship, or ship/sea pairings. See the community interests for examples.
2. Please put your fics and art behind an lj-cut (refer to the FAQ if you don't know how to do this). If you are posting more than three icons, please put them behind a cut as well.
3. Outside the cut, include a header containing the title, rating, and characters/pairing of the story or art, and any appropriate warnings.

Any questions? Contact shyaway (at) livejournal.com.

Have fun!